Bill Burkett

Christian, are you really ready to refuse the number of the beast,
and lose all of your rights to buy or sell?

I had returned from a mission in East Europe arriving at Chicago, O’Hara airport late in the evening. Soon discovered there were no flights that night out of O’Hara and the next flight would be the next morning – BUT, I could rent a car and drive home in about two and a half hours. I proceeded to the car rental counter and rented the car. But when I tried to pay in cash I was told I could not use my money – it was no good! I had to pay with a credit card. I didn’t have a cc and walked away feeling an emptiness in my stomach. I was realizing that the day would come when cash would be useless under the Antichrist. I realized that some day soon if I did not have the 666 card or his mark that I would not be able to function in society. It was the beginning of the feeling I have many times since experienced.

I was arriving in the city where I was to have meetings and my small private motel room was already reserved by the pastor. I signed the guest card and turned it back to the clerk. She immediately told me that I failed to enter my Social Security number and they couldn’t give me a room without it. After explaining to her that our CPA, the IRS and even a notice sent to us from the local sheriff that we had been strictly warned not to give out our Social Security number under any circumstances. She called the manager and after another lengthy discussion they finally agree to let me have the room without my Social Security number.

I’ve had many of these experiences in my travel in just recent years where a business demands a number or will not take cash for payment. I am not saying that any of these experiences indicate or are linked to the Antichrist. What I am saying that the complications of making purchases that get to be more and more demanding leaves the feeling of what it’s going to be like when Antichrist does introduce and enforce an ID system that will leave us without access to the social system we depend on for survival. We are beginning to taste what that is going to be like. We also know there are municipal governments who are using the implanted chip system in a beta experiment for a moneyless system to come. Cards are more and more in use and self check outs are being installed in stores. Checks at Walmart can now pay for purchases with your check handed back to you on the spot without processing your bank account after the purchase. In many banks and some government agencies a thumb print ID is required to do make a transaction in that place of business. The noose is getting tighter and tighter. Everything is becoming automated moving fast toward a moneyless system. A few years ago I would never talk like this – but today, in a few short years I see now with implanting now being imposed on babies and pets will be imposed by law upon everyone. Christian, what will you do? Will you cave in and take the number so that you and your children can survive? Or will you be among the small number who will try and survive by bartering and self determination, prayer and faith in Christ?

It’s interesting to hear Paul’s words in 1 Thessalonians regarding the question many Christians have whether the church will be in the world when the Antichrist is reigning? This writer happens to think that according to what Paul said in 2 Thessalonoinas 2 that the church is here when he is “revealed” or unveiled. His identity will be made known to the world and the church will recognize him. There will be an overlapping of the dispensations as there always is when we move from one dispensation into another. For example, Jesus held His ministry in this world for three and half years coexisting with Judaism and was in mortal conflict with the apostate religion of His children, the Jews. In that time the two dispensations overlapped. When He uttered those words, “It is finished,” being utterly abandoned by men and God, the New Covenant was legally installed in the heavens – not on earth according to Jewry. For another forty years Christianity and Judaism coexisted as two movements with the church being oppressed by the influence of the Judaism upon Rome. The transition from Judaism to Christianity – an impossible and insurmountable accomplish – took 50 years before it was actually accomplished.

The transition from one dispensation to the next is always longer than impatient men want things to take. The transition from the church age of Grace will not be as long as it took for the transition from Law to Grace, but it will surely be over several years and then dramatically end when the cataclysm God sends upon the earth when the church is snatched out, takes place and the Antichrist will then be left to globalize the world under a single governmental system. That cataclysm that devastates the earth and sets off a series of catastrophes in the form of the trumps and the vials will keep the Antichrist dictatorship busy coping with those things coming on the earth during his reign including the nuisance of the two witnesses with invincible powers giving off the witness of God to a world he is trying to convince does not exist apart from himself.

But coming back to today, as recent as just yesterday I see the corporate world doing everything they can to get your personal information for their mailing lists in spite of the privacy laws, or their own privacy policies dictate. Your address has commercial value to them. If you have a computer you often see flashing adds that tell you that you have just won a new Cadillac Navigator, click the button to get your prize. When you click the button you see a window that asks for your name address, phone number and usually several other bits of information. If you’re foolish enough to fall for that fraudulent language on the Internet, and you do go to the next page you’ll find an add for a product and by entering your personal information you become eligible to win something far from a Cadillac Navigator! But they have your personal information for their purposes. Our congress has cleaned up the labels on edible products – wish they’d clean up the Internet now and penalize the dishonesty that’s rampant and preys on innocent and naive people.

As I was saying, yesterday I went to Walmart to get my passport photos and usually go to the electronics department and have them made in minutes. But yesterday I was told they were now located at the front of the store. The lady handed me a clipboard requiring me to put down all of my personal information. I noticed a young couple in front of me that had filled out the form. She had loaded all of their information into the computer and then gave them their photos. These businesses are demanding your personal information and in spite of privacy regulations you never know where your information is going once it is entered into the data base of that system. Companies and now even services at the Walmart are using every legitimate ruse they can to circumvent the privacy laws and absorb your personal information. When I asked to merely have my passport pictures taken and refused to fill out the form, she refused to take my photos! Sister Burkett and I politely handed back the form and walked away again being made very conscious of the fact that without the proper documentation we will be refused service – a feeling that is a precursor to not having the 666 authorization to buy or sell. Today it’s a credit card number, a Social Security number, a bank account number or your personal information, or else! Tomorrow it will be a universal ID card or an implanted chip – and then we will be only one step from the law that will require the number or the name of the beast, the global government ID that allows you to buy or sell.

Today the mark, the name or the number required to buy or sell, but it’s inching closer and closer as the insidious plan of power X draws near. The number of the beast, 666 is with us and now it is only a matter time until it is implemented for us to exist in global centralized government system. Right now, there in the United States many product labels are in English, Spanish (Mexican) and French – three languages in an English speaking culture where the law requires immigrants to know English, BUT, it is not enforced but flagrantly violated by the very government agencies that should be enforcing the immigration rules already on the books. This is why any new immigration laws mean nothing so long as they are only laws without teeth. Our Federal statutes are loaded with immigration laws that have never been enforced – will they enforce any new immigration laws – and the answer is that they will enforce any new immigration laws just the same as they have enforced all previous immigration laws and then give amnesty to the violators instead of deporting them. Our national identity is being betrayed by those within our government taking us closer to being a homogenous we do not mark, name or number that allows us to buy and sell!

We finally ended up at Walgreen’s Drug and then they wanted my phone number for the computer to ID my photo. When we refused that time the lady was gracious and put the number of the store into the computer. More and more the matter of buying and selling is conditional – you must render a card, a number or your personal information for the computer. Little by little it’s getting harder to make a simple transaction with currency. It’s easier to use a credit card than money and you must give your driver’s license number, a phone number or other personal information for their computers before they will go to the next entry for the clerk. Cleverly designed to make the private citizen give up personal information for the computer database. If you refuse to give the information they are not able to complete the transaction and you leave the merchandise and are forced to go elsewhere where personal information is not required – more inconvenience. But the time will come when even that option will not be open to buyers because all merchants will be requiring the same information in order to stay up with the business trends.

The time is getting shorter everyday for those of us who prefer to use money to buy and sell. There are more and more demands that are designed by power X to gradually ready society for the day when a universal non-currency system will be dropped on us all in the name of preventing theft and crime. Many so-called Evangelicals will fall right into the trap because they have themselves become so dependent on a cashless purchasing system that they will not want to give up their opulent lifestyles and will feel they MUST take the number of the beast to survive.

Actually, the number of the beast is here and we are using it everyday. Many Christians are well aware of this fact and it needs to be watched as the Antichrist will use the Universal Price Code to globalize commerce. I was teaching a class at a college in Brussels, Belgium a few years back and identified the 666 now printed into the UPC (Universal price Code) as appearing on everything on the market today. Look at that little bar of lines that they run over the laser reader of the market where you shop. You will notice that the lines are between two elongated lines on either side of the bar and then there are another two elongated lines right in the center. On the Universal computers those are designated as 6’s in every nation of the world – three 6’s, or 666. I was explaining this to the class and in the middle of my explanation the class teacher rose up and said to me, I’m sorry, but you must be very careful when you make assertions of this nature and be able to document the statement. At the back of the classroom a young man perhaps in his late twenties raised his hands while the professor was speaking. The professor acknowledged his hand and was sure the student was going to substantiate what the prof had said to me and the class.

The young man was from Finland and worked for a large corporation and was a computer science major. He said, My work in my company in Finland was to design and register the UPC codes on our products. That was my job and I would like to establish the fact that the three double elongated lines in our UPC codes are designated as 6’s as Mr. Bill has stated. I can document his statement as being true.

One day in my study at least a year before that day I was astounded when reading about the UPC in the American Scientist magazine to learn these double elongated bars were indeed 6’s. So my assertions in the classroom that day were based on a very sound source of documentation! The prestigious American Scientist magazine – but when that young man, who actually compiled the information on the UPC bars stood in my defense that day, needless to say, I was grateful to him and had the facts established because I was without the article I had read in the Scientific American publication, but could only refer to the name of my source. For your information there is no question regarding the 666 on the UPC that appears on every commercial article now being sold on the International market in every nation of the world..

If the church remains in the world under the wrath of God when He punishes Israel and the world for their disobedience and unbelief, then God’s children will be forced to reject the mark and come under the wrath of the Antichrist with those who rebelled and they will be forced out of the system But this writer cannot believe that God’s children will come under the wrath of God or the beast. The church will suffer the persecution of the wicked in the very end time as the early church for 38 years at it’s beginning, but they will NOT fall under the wrath of God. There is a big difference in the church being under persecution and being under the wrath of God. The early church was persecuted but was not under God’s wrath!

God’s wrath is announced in Revelation 6:17 before the trumps or the vials. If the church is raptured in the 6th seal and seen in heaven before the throne of God in Chapter 7, then the church is taken from the tribulation (wrath of God) before the revelation of the Antichrist.

If this is correct, and I am very careful to say, IF this is correct, and the church is taken out when the earth is covered with fire and smoke and tsunamis are changing the shape of the Continents with their devastations world-wide, then that means that the next great sign foretelling the near return of Jesus would be the presence of a system of buying and selling using the number 666. This means we are very near the lord’s return! The number of the beast will be 666 as Revelation tells us (Revelation 13:18) and he, the Antichrist, will be revealed before Christ returns with the redeemed at the end of the tribulation when Satan is bound and He sets up His earthly Kingdom. But at His return for the church before the tribulation it will be hidden by a world-wide cataclysm engulfing the entire world in flames and fiery devastation from the waves and the sea roaring. In that confusion God with Christ will return in the sky over earth snatching His faithful out of the wrath that is to come! If that be so, then His return for the pure church is nigh ! 

Maranatha !


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