The gold gilded Shittim (Acacia) boards that supported the curtains of the tabernacle outer wall were set into silver sockets that were pressed into the ground. Each socket was set by pressing the two tenons of the sockets into the ground. The silver socket is a type of redemption and the two tenons speak of the two doctrines, justification and sanctification, that constitute salvation. The fact that salvation (soteriology) consists of two supreme doctrines, Justification and Sanctification, it helps the very complex work of redemption much simpler to understand and rightly divide. Both doctrines have their beginning in Genesis when God instituted the principles of perfect justice and equivalence as the basis of redemption. In God’s plan B man’s redemption became the objective of God’s great heart and mind. Being a God of perfect justice, according to Attorney C.F, Creighton, author of Law and the Cross, a masterpiece proving that the blood redemption was the only way God could redeem man and remain just and the justifier of the sinner. Redemption had to be based on the just principle of equivalence and the life and death equivalence in particular that proves that only death can atone for life as equivalents. That is, a life for life. This is stated in simpler terms in the law God gave Moses, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Exodus 21:22-27. Only the blood which is the life of all flesh is equivalent to death the just punishment for man who rebelled, sinned, against that his creator.  God established that forensic basis even though it meant God’s horrific commitment to providing a sinless man to provide a just redemption. This principle is so wonderfully woven throughout the scriptures from Genesis to Revelation that it makes the Judeo-Christian God the true and authentic creator of the universe. The blood stained thread that runs through the fabric of every chapter of the bible covering the ages of recorded history is the single greatest proof of a divine authorship. It is an absolute impossibility that a man or a number of men in consort over six millenniums of time could have brought about a flawless revelation of blood redemption culminating with the appearance of the Messiah to take our penalty and fulfill over 20 prophecies of the Old Testament foretelling His birth, life, death and resurrection centuries before He became God manifest in the flesh. It would be impossible! All of us who have been morally transformed by the power of regeneration having become new creatures in Christ through His death and resurrection have our salvation rooted in a solid historically and judicially correct plan that was conceived in the great heart of a loving God and carried out by an eternal and omniscient creator!

While making the final edit on this page I discovered a man and his book that I must mention here because his message echoes my teaching on the apostle’s teaching I have been stressing my entire ministry in the word. I was so happy to accidently happen onto his web site and I share it here. The emphasis I have placed on holiness of life and moral transformation mentioned in my book, Grace, at and after the Cross, is mirrored in this scholarly work. See details in the opening words above. This is what the scripture means when it uses the word holiness when referring to a moral quality in the believer. The efficacy of the cross is not building mega churches, but building holy temples in every individual soul for the Spirit of Christ to reign in   and through. That moral transformation is indeed the original emphasis and intent of God in the early church clearly seen on every page of your bible! R. D. Rusk brings this out so clearly documenting the fact with historical accuracy the conditions through the church age that has obscured that original pristine message. He also explains how the Lord aroused the apostles to start addressing the importance of doctrine when it became necessary by the church fathers after distorted teachings began to appear in the church challenging the pure gospel. Paul addresses the appearance of other gospels in his opening words to the church of Galatia. These distortions of the gospel in the beginning made it necessary to codify divine revelation to preserve the moral transformation message of the cross.
The doctrines (codification and teaching) of justification and sanctification are the foundation doctrines of the cross solidly rooted in the granite of jurisprudence (the science of law that establishes the logics that guarantee an orderly society) establish that lead us into the godly life. To possess a desire for holiness at new birth is the signature that a sinner has been saved and transformed. Some terrible faith teaching on the subject of being saved has produced an impotent salivation experience. No, we must pray sinners through to regeneration and with that assurance we are coming up a mental belief but a whole church generation that has demonized those who have experienced a moral change, transformation that transforms the sinner into the image of authentic Christians as we see in the Church of Acts. Moral transformation is not only possible but should be the norm as it has been throughout the nineteen hundred years of the church history. Only materialism and an apostate church condition failed to produce moral transformation as a result of becoming a Christian. But, when we are born again and do possess a desire to achieve holiness by His grace (Titus 2:11-14) do we have the mark of a child of God.

A Christian once saved can only mature and develop in pure holiness through a learning process called discipleship, a word taken from the root word, discipline. Moral transformation is not merely one of the messages of the bible but that moral transformation and holiness is the message of the bible. Dr. Cruden, a great theologian who gave us the complete bible concordance used by all preachers and bible students before computers, described holiness in just four very simple words; Separated unto God. Closeness to the Lord can only happen as I become separated from the vanities and sins of the world. Valid holiness must have these two qualities developing simultaneously. CCCC treats these facts as God’s intent for every believer.

Traditional holiness standards have been under increased fire by “big preachers”; slandered, bad-mouthed and lashed out against by men who show an intelligence on other subjects that indicates they should know better. Brethren, biblical holiness is under fire! We are returning fire with the truth of pure doctrine.                                                                           
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