Beside Still Waters

beside still waters

Peace amid the turbulence of life

  • A Prayer

    Lord Take me,
         Me, with All my selfishness, with
         All my pride and jealousy,
         All My willful disobedience,
         All my lack of love to Thee,
         Me, with all my faults and frailties,
         All my secret, hidden sins.

    And BREAK me!
         Break my stiff and stubborn will, Lord.
         Break myself with all its pride;
         All its dearest dreams, ambitions …
         Break my heart, its idols smash,
         ‘Till in splintered, shattered fragments
         I lie helpless at thy feet.

    And MAKE me!
         With thy tender, skillful hands, Lord,
         Make me like Thyself to be,
         Molded in Thy glorious image,
         Sweet and loving, humble, kind,
         Faithful, gentle finding pleasure
         Only in my Father’s will!

  • Death Frees the Soul
    [A letter written to one’s physical body]

    1 Corinthians 15:44
    “You and I have been together for a long time in
    a most intimate and valuable relationship. Now
    you have grown old. Your hearing and strength
    are failing. Your resistance to cold is diminishing.
    You cannot climb and run as you once did. In a
    word, you are running down. In a short time you
    will cease to breathe and your heart will stop
    beating. When you can go no further, you will be
    returned to the substance of which you were
    made, and I shall continue on in that life where
    you are not needed. A Power greater than you
    and I started us on this journey together. Now I
    recognize that you are aware of the fact that your
    journey is nearing its end, while my journey has
    scarcely begun. I know this to be true, for while
    you are feeble, I have never been more alive. Our
    separation, therefore, cannot be one of sadness,
    but will be one of joy. You are weary and want to
    stop. I am longing to alight from this slowing
    vehicle and go on without you. Death will mean
    that your desire to stop is granted, and my
    longing is satisfied.”

  • Faith

    Faith is not in understanding;
    Faith is yielding to God’s will,
    Resting on His Word of promise
    In assurance, calm and still.

    Faith is waiting for the answer,
    Though no hopeful ray is giv’n,
    Knowing that the final outcome
    Now is clearly seen in heav’n.

    Faith is looking through the shadows
    To the dawn of endless day,
    Singing thro’ the gath’ring darkness.
    “Christ will lead me all the way!”

    Faith is looking unto Jesus,
    Trusting where it cannot see.
    Faith is resting on His promise –
    Faith is glorious victory!
     Avis B. Christiansen

  • We Shall Be Satisfied

    Always yearning, always longing,
    Reaching out for something More;
    Always hungry, hardly knowing
    What it is we hunger for;
    Wistful eyes forever searching
    Past the far horizons’ rim
    Know you not it is your spirit
    Ever thirsting after Him?
    This divine dissatisfaction,
    Surely He would have it so,
    Showing us our incompleteness
    While we tarry here below,
    When at last we stand beside Him,
    He the bridegroom, we the bride,
    And these eyes of ours behold Him-
    Then we shall be satisfied!!!

  • Consolation

    But deeper still is the need of the Christian who is:
    Hated by hell;
    Cast off by the world;
    Misunderstood by their friends;
    But certainly is bereaved indeed
    if he has not heaven to turn to for consolation. 

  • Light in the Soul

    If there is light in the soul,
    There will be beauty in the person.
    If there is beauty in the person,
    There will be harmony in the house.
    If there is harmony in the house,
    There will be order in the nation.
    If there is order in the nation,
    There will be peace in the world.

  • His Purposes

    His purposes will ripen fast,
    Unfolding every hour;
    The bud may have a bitter taste,
    But sweet will be the flower.
    William Cowper

  • The End of the Road

    When we come to the end
    Of the long, long, road,
    At the end of life’s small day,
    It matters not
    When we arrive,
    Only What we did on the way.

    It makes no difference
    How rich we have grown
    In wealth the world has to pay,
    But all will depend
    On things that we did
    As we traveled along the way.

    When we come to the sunset
    End of the trail,
    There to find our new abode;
    It matters so much,
    Fellow traveler mine,
    What we did on the long, long road.

  • Doubt Versus Faith

    Doubt sees the obstacles –
    Faith sees the way!
    Doubt sees the darkness –
    Faith sees the day!
    Doubt dreads to take a step –
    Faith soars on high!
    Doubt questions – “Who believes?”
    Faith answers – “I.”
    Pulpit Helps

  • Love  Found a Way!

    Faith looked out at the man next door;
    He’d known him many a day,
    And he believed as years passed by,
    He’d find the living way

    Hope looked out at the man next door;
    And oft his heart would grieve.
    He wished this man would somehow hear
    And of the truth would receive.

    Love looked out at the man next door;
    Who long in sin did grope.
    With prayerful heart he found a way
    To share his faith and hope.
    Geraldine Nicholas

  • Don’t Quit

    When the mountains look high
    And the valleys seem low,
    It’s not time to quit;
    It’s just time to go.

    When life’s battle is rough
    And you can’t seem to win,
    It’s not time to quit,
    But the time to begin.

    When your friends let you down
    And you know not where to turn,
    It’s not time to quit,
    But the time to stand firm.

    When your witness is nil
    And your spirit is low,
    It’s not time to quit;
    Just get up and go.

    When the world is in turmoil
    And unbelief in the land,
    It’s not time to quit,
    But time for a stand.

    When looking at others,
    When they do nothing but sit,
    You still should go on;
    It’s not time to quit.

    Jesus went to Calvary;
    He never flinched a bit.
    He was dying for you and me.
    What if He had quit?
     Harry Todd in the Quiet Hour

  • This Too Will Pass

    This, too, will pass. O heart, say it over and over,
    Out of your deepest sorrow, out of your deepest grief.
    No hurt can last forever – perhaps tomorrow
    Will come relief.

     This, too, will pass. It will spend itself – its fury
    Will die as the wind dies down with the setting sun;
    Assuaged and calm, you will rest again, forgetting
    A thing that is done.
    Repeat it again and again, O heart for your comfort;
    This, too, will pass, as surely as passed before
    The old forgotten pain, and other sorrows
    That once you bore.
    As certain as stars at night, or dawn after the darkness,
    Inherent as the lift of the blowing grass,
    Whatever your despair or your frustration –
    This too will pass
    Grace Neil Crowell
  • I Must Forgive

    I learned at last I must forgive
    Each injury and slight,
    If I would live within God’s love
    And walk within His light.

     The angry mumbling of my soul
    Against one unforgiven
    Can poison every pleasant thought
    And hide the light of heaven.
    An unforgiving spirit, like
    A cloud before the sun,
    Obscures the shining presence of
    The All-Forgiving One.
    Ethel Granger Bemis
  • Keep Me Sweet

    Lord, keep me sweet when I grow old, and
       things in life are hard to bear;
    When I feel sad and all alone, and people do
       not seem to care.
    O, keep me sweet when time has caused this
        body, which is not so strong
    To droop beneath its load of years and
       suffering and pain have come.
    Keep me sweet when I have grown to worry
       so, at din and noise;
    And help me smile, the wile I watch the
       noisy play of girls and boys.
    Help me remember how, that I, when I was
       younger than today
    And full of life and health and joy, would
        romp and shout in happy play.

  • Sand Versus Stone
    For the peace and contentment of soul

     Write all grievances, hate, anger, bitterness, disappointments, hurts, sorrows, adversities, misery, dejection, rejection, gloom, failures, depression, despair, hopelessness, and loss in the sand.

    Engrave all faith, peace, joy, happiness, kindness, mercy, love, cheerfulness, tenderness, tranquility, assurances, achievements, temperance, victories, goodness, gentleness, and contentment in stone.

    Then when after the winds, the storms, the trials, and the temptations of life have ferociously raged against you with all their savage fury even to the deprivation of life; the sand will have washed away, but the stone will remain a monument to the testimony of your life.

  • The Love of God

    The benevolent love of God
    surrounds us every moment.
    He’s always aware of where we’re at.
    Bill Johnson

  •           Prayer

    I know not by what methods rare,
    But this I know – God answers prayer.
    I know not when He sends the Word
    That tells us fervent prayer is heard;
    I know it cometh – soon or late,
    Therefore we need to watch and wait.
    I know not if the blessing sought
    Will come in just the guise I thought;
    I leave my prayer with Him alone
    Whose will is wiser than my own.

  • Living Alone

    The person who tries to live alone will not succeed as a human being.
    His heart withers if it does not answer another heart.
    His mind shrinks away if he hears only the echoes of his own thoughts
    and finds no other inspiration.
    Pearl S. Buck

  • There Is Power

    Each day throughout the year there is power,
    Our God, on whom we always can rely,
    Feeling His presence anywhere we are,
    knowing His tender love is ever nigh.

    No matter what the challenge to our faith,
    Our God will strengthen us to take a stand,
    When we are faced with threatening doubts and fears,
    We are upheld by His almighty hand.
    Louise Darcy

  • True Blue

    God wants us to be true blue, not fickle folk who change with the environment! Sometimes my heart is gripped with cold and fear when I hear the words, “I have new light,” or “I just don’t see it that way any more.” Take heed. Preserve your God-given convictions. Don’t allow Satan’s subtle words to lead you to backsliding.
    Lonnie Witt 

  • Boundaries

    What are the things in your life too sacred, too holy, to be treated as common? Things that cause you to pause in silent respect and reverence? A Life that has no sacred boundaries is a life that has lost contact with the divine!

    Gordon L. Snider
    Opening the Word
    Herald and Banner Press

  •        Never Fear

    Though at times the clouds hang low,
    Never fear!
    Though the winds may fiercely blow,
    Never fear!
    God is still upon His throne,
    He is mindful of His own,
    Let this blessed truth be known.
    Never fear!
    David F. Nygren


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