Americans are Protected

Americans are Protected

By Bill Burkett

Americans are protected from Federal or AMA interference to take natural medicines. Former Iowa Congressmen Berkley Bedell had a bad case of Lyme disease that was pulling him down to where he could not carry on his work as a congressman. The doctors were not able to help him and he started looking into alternative treatment for his disease. He found a farmer that was well known for helping cure people with all kinds of diseases by providing them with colostrum from his cows. Congressman Bedell bought a colostrum producing cow from the farmer and within 48 hours of using the colostrum he was wonderfully recovered from the disease! BUT, the farmer was arrested for practicing medicine without a license! When congressman Bedell found out about the farmer’s arrest he was very disturbed. He joined forces with Senator Orrin Hatch from Utah whose family had also found relief from illnesses through alternative natural foods and drafted a bill to insure people the right to natural cures. They drew up the “Dietary Supplement and Education Act,” which passed congress and signed into law by president Clinton as Public Law PL 103-417. This law takes away the power of the FDA to regulate any natural foods unless they can prove they are unsafe. It is in order that we all offer our thanks to Congressman Bedell, Senator Hatch and president Clinton for protecting our right to use natural remedies. Before this law was passed the FDA was planning on placing more controls on natural remedies and even requiring they could only be sold by doctors prescription! Thank God this law stopped all of that big brother bureaucratic control. I THOUGHT YOU WOULD APPRECIATE KNOWING THIS AS I DID. (Vital Heath News, Winter 98, p.2)


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